Our Story

Welcome to Heritage Pickle-ball, where tradition meets innovation. Our journey began in 1972 when Pickle-Ball Inc. was established as the very first pickleball company, forever changing the landscape of this dynamic sport. We honor the legacy of our founders and the spirit of 1965, the year pickleball was invented, by bringing new life to the original game. 

At Heritage Pickle-ball, we are passionate about preserving the roots of pickleball while infusing it with modern style. Our iconic logo, featuring the historic dash, symbolizes our commitment to the sport's rich history and our forward-thinking approach. 

We want you to rock Heritage proudly on and off the court. Scream it loud and share it proud. We are pickleball players! Explore our selection of fun colors, designs, and accessories that let you express your love for the game in style. 

Join us as we celebrate the timeless joy of pickleball. Explore our collections, learn about our heritage at The Dash, and become part of a community by following us on Instagram. Let’s honor the past and celebrate the future of pickleball!